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The Spanish photographer Juan López Ruiz is a master of light. The works in his new collection, Light Leaks, have a magical quality that belies their natural subject matter, transcending the familiar methods of landscape photography. His black-and white photography combines the clarity and definition of modern architecture with a sensual, ethereal atmosphere, juxtaposing stark concrete buildings with painterly skies. It’s this combination that lends all of López Ruiz’s works a captivating aura.

Niemeyer’s Work, a tribute to the famous Brazilian architect, focuses on the Oscar-Niemeyer Center in Avilés, Spain. Niemeyer is renowned for designing much of the Brazilian capital and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Brasilia. Through López Ruiz’s lens, the unique building is shown in context with the surrounding space, heightening the striking effect of the architecture. The composition elegantly balances the clean lines and surfaces of Niemeyer’s legacy with the wide-open sky.

In Light and Dark on the Towers, López Ruiz captures the two tallest buildings in Madrid. The PwC Tower and the Torre Cespa, completed in 2008, are situated in the north of the Spanish capital. Together with two other skyscrapers, they form the heart of Madrid’s futuristic new business district. Ruiz captures the staggering scale and modernity of the towers and creates a unique photographic experience.

Since childhood, López Ruiz has been devoted to photography. He’s fascinated by the possibilities of capturing and immortalizing the unique moments that happen all around us. He has perfected his technique over the years and honed his deep affinity for photographing light and shadow. He specializes in landscape, architecture and wildlife photography. His work has received the 2020 Epsom Pano prize and the 2021 Sony World Photography award.