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“European Landscapes”

Jonathan Andrew’s photographs are spectacular yet breathtakingly tranquil. His landscapes draw us into another world, in which time appears to stand still. Whether it’s through deep-blue water encircling stone formations or panoramas of rocky mountain ranges, Andrew reduces nature to its essence and presents it in crystal clear, atmospherically charged compositions.

“European Landscapes” is an exciting series put together during Andrew’s trips through Europe, from the isolated Faroe Isles to Normandy in France to the impressive Durmitor Massif in Montenegro. The stunning images capture the stillness and scope of untouched nature, creating a unique, almost mystical mood. Through the photos, Andrew’s artistic mission reveals itself: bringing viewers closer to experiencing the photographer’s own fascination with the natural scenery. “Personally, I feel a sense of awe and wonder to be alone in a magical place,” Andrew explains. “I think many of my images convey a feeling of isolation, mystery and a sense of being alone in the world. As a photographer you try and point things out to people which you find beautiful or fascinating and ask them to take a longer, closer look...”

Andrew’s images don’t just stand out because of their content. Brilliant lighting techniques, innovative perspectives, and a flair for the dramatic ensure every work is remarkable.

Having developed a passion for photography at the age of 15, Andrew studied the artistic medium in London and soon became a freelancer whose works were published in influential magazines such as National Geographic. In 2010, he was appointed a Guest Lecturer at the prestigious Willem De Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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1970born in Compstall, UK
1989-1991Photography apprenticeship in London, UK
1997-PresentWorks as a freelance photographer
2010Guest Lecturer at the Willem de Koning Academy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


2013International Photography Awards, Category: Historical Architecture, First Prize
2013SO 2013, Nomination
2013International Photography Awards, Category: Landscape, Honorable Mention
20127th Annual Black & White Spider Awards, Category: Sport, Honorable Mention
2011International Color Awards, Category: Nature, Nomination
2010International Color Awards, Honorable Mention
2009International Color Awards, Nomination
200918th PANL Awards, Nomination
2008International Color Awards, Nomination
2008International Color Awards, Nomination
2003PANL Awards, Nomination


2013Verlassene Orte, Bahnhof Eller, Düsseldorf, Germany