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Moving objects becoming moving images:
Multi-award-winning Irish photographer James Crombie had initially specialized in sports photography and has been gathering experience for decades in capturing dynamic motifs and turning them into moving images.
When the world of sports came to a standstill during the lockdown the artist began to focus on nature alluring him with its striking vibrancy.
After observing one of the earth’s greatest wonders, the annual starling murmuration over the lakes of Ireland, he set himself to capture this overwhelming natural event in a way that would portray the sublimity of the scenes.
James Crombie’s overnight success is the result of countless sleepless nights by the shore that led to an extraordinary achievement: Photographic images of bird-shaped swarms of starlings that immediately made international headlines.
His photographs are unique not only in terms of their motifs but also in view of his traditional approach to photography that presents a valuable rarity in times of photoshop and limitless means of digital manipulation. The dedication behind his works results in pieces representing an unmatched bond with nature that gets through to the viewer, mesmerizing him with its magic purity. His minimalist photographs allow the image to speak for itself and tell its own story that knows no bounds. James Crombie thereby creates timeless snapshots in time.


Irish Press Photographer of the year
Irish Press Photographer of the year