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Heidler & Heeps Stamp Collection

Background Information about Heidler & Heeps Stamp Collection


These works can be described as a lovely homage to childhood stamp collecting or as examples of impressive and innovative creative methods. Natasha Heidler & Richard Heeps not only present extraordinary stamps in their artworks, but they also unveil the beautiful compositions of these treasured collector's items. Their creations resemble x-ray images that visualize deeper layers and enable new perspectives. They attain this effect by using a unique darkroom process, which allows the two artists to bring out numerous details that would otherwise remain hidden. The stamps resemble woven tapestries and artworks from the 19th or 20th century, they are like little unique treasures, and not only for collectors.

Stamp collecting was started by today’s older generation and was mostly popularized by children. Typically, the stamps had images of faraway and exotic places, which fueled the children’s imagination. At a time when long distances travelling was not accessible for most people, postage stamps made it possible to connect with unknown people and cultures all over the world. The series is a historical documentation that shows dated postmarks from a bygone era.

Richard Heeps uses strong colors and refined compositional structures. His works speak directly to the viewer and catches their eye at once, and upon looking they entice the viewer to look closer and explore. His signature style pushes the boundaries of lens-based photography with no digital manipulation required. Natasha Heidler effortlessly unites opposites in her works. She juxtaposes ghostly outlines and vibrant colors and the result is stimulating. The black backgrounds she uses make the images shine like florescent signs that get lost in the night sky. Richard and Natasha were partners in the darkroom. That is where they got to know each other and how they began their long and very successful collaboration. The two artists work in their own darkrooms where they produce their artworks in Cambridge.


Richard Heeps was born in 1965 in Cambridge, where he still lives and works today.
Natasha Heidler was born in 1981 in Johannesburg, she lives and works in Norfolk.