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In between the pulsating dynamics of modernity, an artistic voice emerges that leads back to nature with a keen sense of zeitgeist and deeply felt respect. In vibrant colors, he allows nature and the individual to tell stories of sensuality, connection and beauty that are often drowned out in a fast-paced society.
Driven by a passion for painting and color since his youth, the work of the artist from Cameroon unfolds into an impressive homage to the dazzling biodiversity of our world. Like a modern Henri Rousseau, Franco Ndiba transports the viewer into a universe in which destroyed forests, trees and flowers come to life again in flowing movements. His works with an expressionist touch are not only evidence of his acquisition of the fine techniques of screen printing, painting and drawing but also express a profound sense of the beauty of nature and his highly developed environmental awareness. He invites his viewers not only to enjoy his work but also to realize his visions together: His work does not separate art and life; it rather allows them to flow together to enhance perception and experience life at its deepest frequencies. As Vice President of the Futur Art group of artists, Franco Ndiba continues his commitment to intensifying the dialog between art and lifestyle.
Between intensity and lightness, precision and free-spiritedness, subtle depth and unmistakable radiance, he allows the artistic elements in each of his works to dance with one another. With a play of perspective and color similar to that of Georges Seurat, Ndiba creates a symbiosis of human emotion and ecological reflection. Through a kaleidoscope of colors reminiscent of the experimental boldness of Josef Albers, encounters between man and nature can be experienced in their complex shades.
With a lively rhythm that make any surroundings blossom, his works of art transform not only spaces but spirits. They inspire new perspectives and encounters – in and with nature. 


2021: 154 Artfair, Somerset House, London
2022 : 154 Artfair, Somerset House, London
2023: Arts et design at the Italian Design Fair, Musée National Yaoundé-Cameroun invited by Milano Architettura