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Felipe Bedoya

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Felipe Bedoya takes us to the city of Cartagena in coastal Colombia, where we see local vendors hauling vibrant beach accessories to and fro. It is only on second glance that we recognize the astonishingly clean composition in the picture. The longer we look, the more everyday beach life transforms into a thoroughly composed masterpiece with perfect inner structure. The contrast of colorful garments and wares against bright sand draws us deeper and deeper into Bedoya’s work.

In his Beach series, Bedoya creates an ideal of the perfect beach landscape. The artist rearranges elements of the picture, carefully positioning individual people to create one comprehensive work of art. The artificially created pieces radiate cheerful lightness. Bedoya’s beach vendors do not merely roam – they reveal the colorful vivacity of the country and its everyday life.

The Walkers
In his series, The Walkers, Bedoya isolates individuals. The arrangement of the colorful swimming rings gives them a sculptural character. In Bedoya’s work, the quotidian becomes something artistic. Between all the colorful shapes, the vibrant Colombian spirit shines through.


Felipe Bedoya was born in Cali, Colombia in 1987. Upon earning a degree in Graphic Design, he began working in diverse forms of artistic expression including photography, illustration, and painting. His work has appeared in exhibitions in Colombia, Mexico, and the United States. Bedoya lives and works in Bogotá.