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Eun Jung Seo-Zimmerman’s photorealistic masterpieces are full of energy and emotion. At first look they appear to be photographs, only when looked upon closely does the viewer comprehend how skillfully the artist uses her paintbrush. With rich detail she captures the sea in unparalleled vitality, creating moments of crashing emotion.  The artist creates detailed and emotional moments that portray the sea in unparalleled vitality. The depth she is able to capture within her works is something rarely seen - a true testament to the extensive artistic training put into her craft.

Energy and Serenity: are these contradictory? Not In Seo-Zimmerman’s artworks. The painter is able to capture a special kind of dynamism. The waves are crashing, but their movements are made in a cohesively, eliciting a harmonious, perhaps even calm, feeling. She wonderfully combines the colors of the water, the glistering surface, and the frothy sea foam to create a synthesis of emotion, sure to awaken any viewer’s imagination. 
The artist’s oeuvre is brimming with captivating atmospheres; the result of her mediation on the relationship between space and time. Her process goes beyond simply painting the ocean, she creates environments. Which entails asking: is it a summer or a winter day? Has the sun gone down, or just barely risen? This contemplative process becomes palpable through her paintings. Especially  when she depicts passionate moments like the evening sun reaching and reflecting over the water, or late summer encounters between red and yellow trees.

Seo-Zimmerman spends lots of time at sea for her work. To create the photorealistic effect she must study the fine details of the infinitesimal movements and reflections over the water. She pays close attention to the interaction between color and light. She also enjoys traveling long distances for her oil paintings, where she can capture other oceans in places unknown to her.

Eun Jung Seo-Zimmermann studied painting and printmaking at the Ewha University in Seoul. Afterwards, she continued her artistic studies at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, where she was trained in sculpture by the distinguished Professor Christian Megert, among others. Because her skills are so vast and varied, she is able to achieve incredible plasticity and depth within her work. Her works are coveted and sold at premium in Spain, France, Germany, South Korea, and Japan.


1971 born in Busan, South Korea
1990 – 1996 SBA in painting and printing at Ewha-University, Seoul
1998 – 2002 Studied sculpture at the Düsseldorf Academy of Art under Prof. Christian Megert
Lives and works in Berlin


2014 First place art award at the “ARThur” Kunstverein Glinde/Hamburg
2003 Sponsorship award from the Kunstverein Hollfeld


Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, the NBK Artothek


2020 „Silence“ Galerie Uhn Königstein/Ts
2017 „Silence“ Galerie Ewa Helena Hamburg
2013 Anderson & Smith consulting AG Berlin
2021 Galerie Voigt Nürnberg
2021 Art Karlsruhe
2020 „Home by the sea“ Galerie Klose Essen
2019 „Weibsbilder“ and „sightzeichen2019“ Galerie Klose Essen, „on the beach“ Galerie Sabine Pfundt Berlin
2018 NordArt Rendsburg, „on the beach“ and „sightzeichen2018“ Galerie Klose Essen
2017 Galeria k Palma de Mallorca, Spain
2016 HanseArt Lübeck, “natur pur” Galerie Schindel Freiburg/Breisgau, Galeria k Palma de
Mallorca, “silent water” Galerie Benjamin Eck Munich, “icons of art” D.Reinhardt , Contemporary Hamburg
2015 „Wasser“ Galerie Schindel Freiburg/Breisgau, KunstTage Rhein-Erft Brauweiler/Köln, Galeria k Palma de Mallorca, Spain
2014 Teltower Kunstsonntag, „to the sea“ Berlin, „FormArt2014“ Kunstverein Glinde/Hamburg
2013 Cultural Institute of the South Korean Embassy, “MachtKunst” Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle Berlin, “FormArt2013” Kunstverein Glinde/Hamburg, “brauart2013” Dessau