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The comic book heroes in Daniel Picard's Superheroes series appear in a dramatically new context. Situated in the context of mundane, everyday activities, these characters amuse with their human-like appearance. Picard looks at the classic protagonists of American comic history with a refreshingly new eye as well as a keen awareness of the current zeitgeist. After all, even in the most impressive film adaptations, these heroes increasingly descend from the superhuman sphere, showing weakness and vulnerability as they transform into relatable characters. Picard explores this trend in a unique way, turning a duel between two superheroes into an animated graffiti feud while viewers share in the thieving joy of two adversaries.

In his meticulously detailed works, Daniel Picard draws inspiration from his personal knowledge of classic characters. The graphic designer and photographer is himself an ardent comic fan, and his works repeatedly incorporate pop-cultural references and movie quotes. Similar to major Hollywood studios, he uses image editing strategies to create illusion and bring his characters to life.

The heroes portrayed boast a long history. Since the late 1930s, modern comics, recognized as one of the first original American art forms, have circulated worldwide and continue to celebrate great success. These characters have become icons of pop culture, surviving the evolution of film and claiming the hearts of children and collectors alike in the form of action figures.


Lives and works in Ottawa, Canada