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Axel M. Mosler was born in Dortmund in 1953 where he also graduated from his photographic studies at the technical high school. Since 1977 he has been active as a freelance photo designer and landscape photographer. Panorama photography is a permanent feature of his photographic work and has been presented in many exhibitions in Germany and abroad. Extensive photographic expeditions have taken him to Scotland, Norway, Canada, Greece, Tuscany and the USA among others.


1953born in Dortmund, Germany
1971Photography, University of Applied Sciences, Dortmund, Germany
since 1976works as freelance photo designer in Dortmund, Germany
1980-1987University teaching position, University of Applied Sciences, design faculty, major field photography, Dortmund, Germany
1982-1985Full-time lecturer, Photography, University of Applied Sciences, design faculty, Kiel, Germany
since 1988Mosler primarily compiles illustrated books: Clouds, Winter, Hannover, Milan, Greece, Weimar, Dresden, Thuringia, Saxony, Leipzig, Saxon Switzerland, Loire castles, New Zealand, The Romantic Rhine, The Odenwald, Rhineland-Palatinate, Singapore, USA The West Coast, Norway, Scotland, Dream-road Germany - Dolomites, Dream-road Greece, Tuscany, Veneto and Friuli (culinary journey), East Frisia, Tuscany Panorama, Masuria, Italian Riviera (Liguria), Denmark, Panorama-books on Scotland, Greece, Norway, Canada, Tuscany, West Coast USA
Mosler is member of the professional associations BFF, BBK Westfalen, DFA, DGPh and Westfälischer Künstlerbund Dortmund e.V.
Publications in various international magazines


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