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Photographer Art Streiber lives in Los Angeles, practically just around the corner from the film industry’s big stars. His images are created for studios such as Universal, Columbia Tristar, and Warner Brothers. Glamour magazines like Vanity Fair, Esquire, and In Style are his platform.

His camera transforms Naomi Watts into an ethereal nymph, unapproachable and engrossed in her own world. This is studio photography at its most classic, and Streiber has mastered the art to perfection.

In 2005 American Photo Magazine named Streiber among the “100 Most Important People in Photography.” In April of 2008, he was presented with the Star of Design photography prize, awarded by the Pacific Design Center, a department of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

Daniela Perak


- Independent photographer since 1993
- lives and works in Los Angeles


- 2008, “Star of Design” Award for Photography
- 2006 & 2007, American Photo Magazine Images of the Year
- 2006, APA National Photo Competition

- 2005, “The 100 Most Important People in Photography”, American Photo Magazine