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The sublime glaciers instantly captivating the viewer are literally just the tip of the iceberg – as Angela Berglings oft-exhibited creations are complex and full of meaning beneath the beauty of their surface. Her artistic focus is on conceptual photography and film, she knows powerful visual language and how to use it to tell true stories – stories that need to be heard. She was the youngest artist to receive the “European Photography Award”. In addition to solo exhibitions, her works have been presented in group exhibitions alongside renowned artists.

Her impressive series HOCHLÆNDER Melting Glaciers uses carefully selected, lucent color pigments to paint the picture of a society letting the melting of icebergs fade from the spotlight – and allows them to shine. Her photographic artworks capture not only the stunning aesthetics of glacier regions but also the urgency with which their preservation must be addressed. Her works are still images of an ongoing process that unveils the pure beauty of glacial landscapes and their fragility. Her fascination with landscape and nature goes back to her childhood in Switzerland: Today, the Berlin-based artist presents the delicate side of powerful natural phenomena. She allows the viewer to immerse in the parallel worlds of the icy vast of the mountain peaks, the raw landscapes, and the mysterious shimmers glistening beneath the snow covers. Like the glacier regions, her landscape illustrations range between warm and cool tones of color, evoking various sensations and leaving a lasting impression.


Appointment as a full member of the DGPh (German Society for Photography)
Studied photography, specialising in conceptual photography, studied under Prof. Dr. Gottfried Jäger, FH Bielefeld


Participation Mercedes Benz 12 German Photographers. ”The first seconds of the new millennium” Amman Jordan
Grant KODAK „Northern Panamericana“. Main Exhibition KODAK Rochester, World fair Photokina Cologne

Grant Young Photographers Award Winner BFF „Blow-up” Portraits of 150 German Photographers in Europe
European Photography Award, „Schleierhaftes 1-4” Deutsche Leasing AG, Kunstverein Frankfurt


Nomination for participation in the selection process for the 'Förderstipendium DZ Bank Kunstsammlung', Frankfurt am Main
KODAK "Northern Panamericana". Main exhibition KODAK Rochester, World Fair Photokina Cologne