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Off the south coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, lies Martha’s Vineyard. Every summer the island is a well-frequented holiday destination. Alison Shaw (*1954) has lived permanently on the island since 1975. For years she has observed and contemplated the change of tides and seasons and allows herself to be inspired by the light, wind, and weather for her calm, atmospheric, and intense pictures of the coast. She lets herself be directed by nature and her mood; she pours herself completely therein. Alison Shaw’s photographs are epic, radiate tranquility, and tell of endlessly beating waves and the magic of the island with its opulent atmospheric palette of color. While her quasi-square pictures are intrinsically related to classical landscape painting, her panoramas have the effect – though only a single still image – of motion, as if they were made during for a film, and we almost can hear the underlying, slow, narrative music of a reunion or bidding farewell.


Lives and works on Martha’s Vineyard as a photographer. Teaches photography workshops for the Maine Photographic Workshops and Santa Fe Workshops.


New England Press Association:
Photographer of the Year, 1993, 1991, 1987, 1981
New England Press Association: Dozens of awards for Spot News, Feature, Personality, General News, Sports and Pictorial photography.
Vineyard Summer:
Inclusion in Print Magazine 1995 Design Annual; New England Book Show '94  (1st place, Pictorial Book category)


2005Field Gallery, West Tisbury, MA
2004Riverwinds Gallery, Beacon, NY
LoRiver Arts Gallery, Beacon, NY
2003Alpers Fine Art, Andover, MA
2002- 2005Alfred Harvard Square Salon, Cambridge, MA
2002- 2003Gallery Saintonge, Missoula, MT
2001Alpers Fine Art, Andover, MA
2000William Marten Gallery, Rochester, NY
1999Sandra Berler Gallery, Chevy Chase, MD
1995Boylston Hall Gallery, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Chase Gallery, Boston, MA
Springfield Museum Gallery, Springfield, MA
1994Christina Gallery, Edgartown, MA
1993Roy Gallery, New York, NY
1991Edison College Gallery, Ft. Myers, FL
New England Photographic Workshop Gallery, New Milford, CT
1989Artscape, Philadelphia, PA
Fleury Gallery, Boston, MA
Southeastern Center for the Arts, Atlanta, GA
1988-2005Granary Gallery, West Tisbury, MA
1987-1993Vineyard Vignettes, Edgartown, MA
1987New England Photographic Workshop Gallery, New Milford, CT
1986Southeastern Center for the Arts, Atlanta, GA
124 Ltd. Art Editions, New York, NY
Smith College Alumnae House Gallery, Northampton, MA
1983-1987Field Gallery, West Tisbury, MA
1983Thayer Academy Gallery, Braintree, MA
1979-2004Old Sculpin Gallery, Edgartown, MA