Landscape Photography

With our fine art landscape photography, you can bring the great outdoors into your home or office. Discover black and white, abstract, conceptual, or nature landscape photography in limited editions, and explore our curated collection of fields, mountains, and oceans!

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Introduction to Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is all about taking a wide view. It represents a desire to capture the world’s naturally occurring grandeur. We have an extensive collection of artworks by world-renowned artists and up-and-coming talents carving out a name for themselves. Ours is an expertly curated portfolio of landscapes ready and waiting to make an appearance on your wall at home!

A Brief History of Landscape Photography

The landscape has long figured into art around the world. Landscapes have been both imagined or based on real scenes, with the tradition dating back over 1000 years. Early Chinese landscapes were simple black ink wash paintings, predominantly of mountains. Ancient Romans used beautiful nature pictures to decorate the rooms of important buildings.

In Europe, the landscape re-emerged in the late medieval period, but it wasn’t until the Renaissance that it once again became a central focus with its heavily idealized, pastoral images of the Mediterranean. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, landscapes continued to be romanticized, an idea that eventually spread to the United States. Now one of the most developed themes in art, landscape pictures speak to us on a personal, cultural, and often universal level.

Photography has brought a new aesthetic to the landscape. When it comes to landscape photography, the emphasis is on coherent composition. Although the medium is essentially literal, the use of various photo techniques such as lighting, focus, and exposure can give landscape photography an interpretive quality. It can include references to human activity, such as urban sprawl and industrial infrastructure, or it can observe nature in its unaffected state, with the focus primarily on dramatic natural formations, weather, or animals.

Landscape art reflects the diversity of nature. They range from dramatic mountain peaks and violent storms to tranquil, sometimes mystical scenes that play with light. With over 3,000 artworks in our portfolio, LUMAS is the ideal place to explore landscape art. We work with established and emerging photographers from around the world. In our expertly curated galleries, you can explore landscape art through the ages in our unsigned Open Editions. Alternatively, our Limited Editions are hand-signed and come complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Lumas landscape artists

Our portfilio of photo artists includes some of the most sought-after names. The Russian photographer Daniel Kordan is one of the best-known landscape photographers working today. His wide, golden landscapes speak to the vastness of nature, and often feature heroic characters in the foreground. Work by Ramona Waldner profiles wild yaks and noble cattle against majestic natural backgrounds. In his abstract aerial photography, the daring photo artist Tom Hegen portrays the earth below in an unfamiliar way, almost as if it were an expressionist work rendered on canvas.

Purchasing a landscape photography print

Landscapes reflect the diversity of nature. They range from dramatic mountain peaks and violent storms to tranquil, sometimes mystical scenes that play with light. With thousands of in-demand artworks in our portfolio, Lumas is the ideal place to explore art featuring the natural world. We work with established and emerging photographers from around the world.

Online and in our curated galleries, you can explore landscape photography in both our unsigned Open Editions as well as our signed and numbered "Limited Editions." Lumas photo prints are available framed and unframed, in large or miniature formats, or mounted under high quality acrylic glass. Contact our curators, or visit us in a gallery today!

Professional Framing and Mounting for Landscape Prints

Finally, we consult with the artists and craftsmen every step of the way to find the perfect frame. That way, you can get even more enjoyment out of owning a piece of art. All of our frames are produced by experts in our frame workshop and are made to measure. Available in colored wood or matte aluminum, WhiteWall frames are built to last. For a more dramatic, highly contemporary look, we also provide professional mounting. Using a lightweight aluminum composite panel for backing, the landscape image is mounted beneath a protective layer of acrylic glass or laminated with a protective foil. If you have large, empty spaces on your walls, why not showcase some idyllic scenery there!